Education is the most important pillar for human progress and develop. It is really heart-rending fact that minors and echonomically challenged people lag behind in the sphere of education. Not only this but the importance of education in completely ignored and neglected. Such a tragic state of affairs impels us to take up serious measures for imparting modern education in a well-organized and planned manner. With this motivation Crescent Foundation Inc. is founded. It is a non-commercial organization meant for the benefit of the needy and talented students.

CFI is running a residential school in minors and low income populated area in WB, India. Most of these students are from a family they never went to school. In future we are planning to have schools in Bihar, UP and Assam in the area where low income people and minors are living.

The vision of the Crescent Foundation Inc. is to serve orphans and underprivileged children, lifting them from the poverty by providing the value based education with an upright character duly providing opportunities for all round development of personality. As a first steps towards archiving this vision, Foundation running a scholarship program to sponsor students. In the next phase foundation setup an educational institutions in 2015 and providing the best infrastructure and education. This will setup them with knowledge and skill sets to pursue specialized higher studies that will provide them career opportunities to build a secure future for themselves and their families.

Other objects are to inculcate the sense of duty towards the creator and towards the fellow beings and nation. Also to lay down foundation for moral, ethical and social development of the students who will guide the destine and shape the future of nation and world.

Currently we are providing service to 182 students. 25% seat are reserved for orphans. We are peoviding them free quality education thru a residential school system and all other basics necessary needs. Other 50% are reserved for echonomically challenged families or the families sending their kids to schools for the first time. The remaining 25% are open to all. This model is sustainable to run the school in future when school is devloped fully.