Students from families with limited financial means are being offered quality education in Crescent Academy Schools. Money for these families are a major hurdle. When family’s economic conditions are despondent, they become forced to send their child (orphan) to work. To solve this problem, CFI is taking in those talent in the residential facilities and preventing child labor by providing food, shelter and more importantly education. This model secure an excellent environment to develop a creative nature and foster their intelligence growth. We believe education is the only process which brings changes to the society.

A residential school is running in a rural area close to Kolkata, serving 223 students. 50 of the are orphans and remaining of them are from a very poor family. A girl residential school is under construction.

By 2020 we are planning to open one residential school in the Kokan area (Close to Mumbai) for 300 students boys and girls.

By 2023 we are planning to open another residential school in Dashna, 35 km from Delhi airport.

A set of intellectuals are working to Develop an Educational system to Empower Needy (DEEN). The idea is to have a low cost school for an educational awareness at the grassroots level. Focus is given to enrich English and Science curriculum. Multiple primary schools from kindergarden to 4th grade started from 2018 under DEEN project. We have three primary schools in three different locations serving total 360 students. Under this project CFI is going to extend new facility every year.

Our skills development program has designed to train job oriented training to drop-out Students. This includes language, business communication, and Microsoft office to help them find a job in an industry. Beside the fundamental computer oriented skills, it will be expanded to different sets of local needs, such as accounting, nursing, electrical, carpenter, plumber, painting welding, electronics, fabrication, refrigeration, sowing & air conditioning automotive servicing & repair, nutrition & health. Local people will be benefited by the trained professional, at the same time minors and struggling young generation starting their life with the new skills.

Biweekly our foundation is distributing food to more than 150 people, together with the Home First homeless shelter and the Muslim Community Association (MCA). Also we are supplying Jackets, blankets, hygienic kits and other necessary means to them. An unique event that is designed to benefit the homeless families and individuals in the Bay Area.