A team of American Indians raised in different parts of India with value and modern education.

Majority of our Board members are from economically challenged backgrounds and we have fought all odds to get educated. But now-a-days we all are established in USA with high-tech professionals such as doctors, engineers, scientists and entrepreneur etc. Thus, we believe that hard work and education are the only weapons to bring our society into forefront. With this vision, we are running this organization.

Advisory Committee & Body Members.

Dr. Abdur Rahman, MCA BOT & President of Humanitarian Outreach Program (HOPE).

Riaz Ahmed, Engineer.

Dr. Saidur Rahaman, PhD.

Dr. Tauqueer Alam, Physician and Enterpreneur.

Dr. Abrar Hossain, PhD.

Nasir Mujawar, Engineer and Enterpreneur.

Sayed Niaz, Engineering Manager.